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Accitrack provides diverse and comprehensive services to meet our clients’ technology and communication needs. Our technology division conceptualises, designs, implements and manages leading and cost effective solutions.

Fundamentally the service differs from other systems and services in its concept of being pro-active and responsive (not reactive) to incidents.

The system, which is a combination of the Accitrack sensors and platforms, provides a self monitoring system. The triggers for taking action in the event of an emergency could now be managed by the owner or service providers as contracted. Thereby not only reducing time delays and risk for the assets but also for the people involved.

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Accitrack Core Team


Hugo Lambrechts

Managing Director

Nico Bestbier

Chief Engineer


Johann Fourie

Hardware and Firmware

Pieter de Wet

Production and Quality

Henk Kleynhans

Mechanical and Software

De Wet du Toit

Software and Customisation

Consultants / Account Managers

Tiaan Oosthuizen


Desmund Schmidt

Accounts - Agriculture

Marcel Koole

Accounts •   

Naude Lambrechts

Accounts - General


Anel Lambrechts


Hanlie Gelderblom

Personal Assistant

Marianna Kershoff

Purchases and Data


Tonia Coert


Meagon Moses


Our Services

IOT Solutions

Our network of devices integrate into our business intelligence tool, the XMan, and form a smart system designed to provide our customers with actionable information.
We control all the stages of a solution. Integrating this information with our in-house developed front-end, the In4mer, we provide the total solution to our customers.

In4mer Solutions

The In4mer is a customisable, personalised, mobile application and together with our administrative web console, it allows our customers to customise and integrate the platform to suit their business functions and needs.
The In4mer platform addresses the need for a business-networking platform.

Research & Development

The total solution starts with the creation of its elements. Our expert team of developers and engineers take pride in the development of excellent hardware, software, firmware, and cloud solutions including API’s and data handling. By striving for excellence across the board we ensure that the end-product is more than the sum of its parts.


Our expert, multi-disciplinary team of software developers and engineers boasts a vast body of knowledge which we can utilise to develop the total solution for your business.
Security forms the core of our business, but with a highly innovative team, we are confident in providing your business with any solution you need.

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